Though She Be....

By:  Kim Abdallah

 Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce~ William Shakespeare

With the last month of the Nolensville Farmer's Market in effect, the changes in the market are evident.  The abundance of fresh produce phases into fall vegetables, handicrafts, baked and home goods.  This last weekend at the market I overheard a child say, "This is small," referring to the event.  I absolutely love the honest opinions of little ones!  I know I can count on them to let me know what they think.  

As I looked around, I agreed that this isn't the biggest farmer's market I've ever been to.  What may be a lack of quantity, is made up by quality.  

Talk to any of the vendors and you'll find something surprisingly in common with or something interesting about their story.  You'll meet people risking a lot to start a business they truly believe in.  You'll meet people working full time jobs that they aren't that thrilled about and wish and hope to become full time farmers.  You'll meet people having just moved to Tennessee and are just now meeting their Tennessee friends.  You'll also meet parents teaching their children how to start and run a business and families working together to keep their businesses alive.  There's no doubt the people at the market are high-quality, top notch, friendly, hard working individuals.  More importantly, are the quality goods and services they are offering to Nolensville!  I made a meal today from 100% NFM ingredients and I'll get to that in a second.  

Something I noticed this past week were several individuals not expecting to Holiday shop at the market and were not prepared!  Don’t let this happen to you and don't miss out on the opportunity!  There are so many unique, local, homemade items that make amazing gifts especially for the recipient who seems to 'have it all.'  Check out this next week's vendor list with upcoming birthdays and holidays in mind and you are sure to cross someone's name off your list.  Get 'er done.

ANYTIME MEAL that seems like breakfast
Fresh, local ingredients bought from people you know taste better.
Favorite Cheese
Toast bread, prepare egg how you prefer, cook bacon, slice tomato and grate cheese.  Doesn't get any easier than this and this was one scrumptious sandwich.  

Thank you, vendors!