Opening Day Success

I think, no matter how many seasons we open, I will never get past the opening day nerves. There are some things you can just never prepare for, positive or negative. Our opening day this year was one for the books, for sure. A successful market day isn't measured by how many t-shirts we sell or how much we bring in from booth fees. Its measured by total vendor sales. Because at the end of the day, our farmers, our friends, are who we do this all for.

Here's a little perspective- 

In 2014, our very first market, ever, we opened with 10 vendors who brought in a total of just a bit over $5,000 for the day. A huge success in our eyes. We saw neighbors, made new friends, supported local farmers, crafters and put money back into our local economy. 

In 2015 we opened the season with 19 vendors - nearly doubling from the year below. Word about how awesome the Nolensville community is definitely spread through the farmer's market vendor world over the winter. We ended that opening day with a total just over $6,000 in total sales. 

This year, we broke every record we had previously set - opening the 2016 market season with 26 of the best vendors. Some that have been by our sides since Day 1 and some that we have mentored and helped to mold their business into what it is. Our total vendor sales were        $10,468.95. WHAT? Believe me, I had to calculate that a couple of times to make sure that I hadn't added an extra number somewhere. Last summer, we broke $10,000 in sales 1 day - at the end of July when vendors and produce were in the peak of the season. 

I tell you all of this to share in the excitement of how the Nolensville Farmer's Market has grown and to thank, on behalf of NFM and its vendors, the Nolensville community for supporting and loving us. I can not wait to see what the rest of this season has in store for us! 

See you next week.